Thaumiel Nerub


With old-school reneissance and other old-school games I’ve finally found what I really love in roleplaying games: freedom, creativity, DIY, strong community, awesome people, and new friends all over the world. OSR also was a gateway for me to start publishing items under the name D-OOM PRODUCTS. Before that I tried to create an universal system to be able to create all kinds of different material for. But OSR changed it all. I didn’t have to spend time to create a system, there already were plenty of those!

Now I can focus on the fun part of it all. MATERIAL!

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2 thoughts on “Thaumiel Nerub

  1. hi Thaumiel

    i’m jim pinto from post world game. tiina sent me a link to your page.

    i make indie and gmless games. a lot of them. a lot a lot. i was in tempare for tracon x.

    anyway. wanted to say hi.


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